Refined Ice flavour
Do you also like the delicious taste, the amazing feeling when your ice cream dissolves on your tongue? Try ice-cream sorbet from us. The unique flavor of the fruit will make your moment an unforgettable experience. Make an ice-cream day and spend it with your family. You will not want to stop until the bowl is empty.
Best Summer Flavor
Fruit sorbets are excellent refreshment not only in the steam summer. They are made of genuine, high-quality fruit, which is noticeable at the first moment to the taste and structure of the ice cream. This ice cream anddoes not contain fat and is not additionally flavoured and dobarvena. It has a high fibre content and lower sugar content.
About Us
We have been operating on the Czech market for 20 years. Our Adria Gold Company is renowned for its quality and reliability. Ice cream from us is the right shot.