Reasons as to Why We Use Pdf

There are usually hundreds of computer file types, but only 50 types are used by people a lot. If you usually use Microsoft Office 365 commercial, then you are familiar when it comes to knowing docs and XLS files. For the music files WAV is the file to use, and if you have pictures in your computer then WAV is the ideal file to use if you want to view them. When it comes to pdf it usually stands for portable document format, and it was invented in the 1990s by Adobe so that people can be able to store one document in a single file. The internal revenue service was the first company to adopt the use of this file, in 1994 the IRS started giving out tax forms, and they used the pdf format. Everything about PDF is that you can be able to save large amount of files which you need to print and that is why government offices use it a lot. For the electronic documents which need long-term preservation then you can format the documents as PDF file. The best thing about this file is that you can be able to edit, standardize and also share your files when they are in this format.

The use of PDF ensures that the files contents get displayed the same way across all devices. This usually means that it will look the same regardless of what device you are using to view it. This file can be viewed in all devices both tabs and computers. Another interesting thing is that how a document usually looks in your device when you print it, it will still look the same. The consistency is one of the reasons government forms and files use the PDF format. You can also be able to print all the official documents Without leaving home. If you choose to use MS Word, it is usually a good decision for texts, but it cannot work well for images and charts. If you were to send this to someone who doesn’t have MS Word it won’t show up right on their end. Sometimes the documents may not be able to open up on the device that they are using. It is also important for you to know that you don’t have to worry because you can always feel your company’s online forms if you have PDF. The good thing is that PDF is completely viewable online plus most modern browsers already have a free built-in PDF viewer.

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