Everyone today knows Greece, Croatia, the Canary Islands, but hand on the heart! Do you know where the Mostiště dam is? Do you know the highest-lying botanical garden in central Europe? In which bathing place is so pure water that there live a RACI? You're not alone. And in the hotels of the renowned resorts you won't even learn. That's why there are chalets and cottages that will show you the beauty of all corners of your native country.

The rest or the Wenceslas?

Did you find yourself on the Croatian promenade as in Prague at Václaváku? This will not happen if you use the chalets and cottages for your summer stay. Not even in the Chatfield colony you will encounter crowds of hikers, cameras. You will meet only with the old settlers, returning from mushrooms or fish, and if you talk to them, you may also get an invitation to the evening sitting at the campfire. Is it better for your children to pull them by the crowd of tourists to get lost somewhere, or rather to watch them in the woods, or splash in the stream you see from the veranda? The chalets and cottages allow you to give your children the opportunity to be truly children.