Warning Signs of Developing Addiction to Prescription Drugs and What to do about it

Statistics shows in 2017 about 70,200 people died during the opioid epidemic. Experts say about half of the affected people were addicted to prescription medicine. Thus, it is vital to learn about the early signs of prescription drugs abuse. Knowing the warning signs will guide you see what you can do to help the addicted person to recover. Below are the key prescription drugs addiction signs that will help you take action fast.

You should start by seeking more information about physical signs that should alert you that your loved one has an addiction to prescription medication. For instance, slow body movements, slurred speech and dilated pupils – Changes in grooming should alert you that a loved one is developing an addiction to prescription medication. For example, untidy rooms and poor personal hygiene.

You should also check out for random behavior changes to know when a loved one is developing an addiction to prescription medicine. Switching interest to overuse of prescription drugs makes a person neglect crucial activities. For instance, studying or working on a given project. You may find out this person is struggling to submit with given deadline even for simple tasks. The other behavior changes are high temper, paranoia and anxiety. Lying about the pain level to get more painkillers is the other sign of a person developing an addiction to prescription drugs. If you notice missing money or items from your home you should be cautious since the addicted person may be using the items or money to buy more prescription medications. Thus, you should be keen to see these behavior changes to learn when a person is abusing prescription drugs.

If you notice the signs of prescription drugs abuse you should discover more on the steps to take to help the affected individual. The idea is to see how you can help the affected person to recover from the prescription drugs addiction. You need to talk to this person about the prescription drugs use. It is vital you are caring when talking about the prescription drug addiction problem. It is crucial you seek more information on things you need to do when providing support to a person recovering from alcohol and prescription drug addiction. For instance, you can encourage the individual to attend meetings to earn an AA chip. Therefore, the chip will symbolize reaching a key milestone on the journey of recovering from addiction.

Before things get out of control, you should watch out for early signs of prescription medicine addiction. It is vital you follow the instructions of the medical expert on how to use prescription drugs. You will aim to avoid the harmful effects that come from misusing prescription drugs.

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