What Are the Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs

It will be easy for you to notice if your dog is not feeling well if you spend most of your time with it. You can tell what you good loves and what it like doing most the times because you never leave its side. If you notice that your dog is not eating well or it is not lively as usual, then there must be something wrong with your dog. The animals too are also in risk of getting growths and it not only human beings. It is essential for you to know the symptom that can show that the dog has growths. The following are some of the signs of tumors in dogs.

If you find there is a bulge in your dog body parts, then it can be an indicator that it has cancer. A sudden bulge in your dog’s body might be cancer that is in its early stages. Ensure that you find a good doctor who can examine your dog and tell you if it has cancer or not. It is necessary to be check if your dog has any swollen parts from time to time. When you are having a good time with your dog that’s the time when you can check if it has some bulge in its body parts.

If your dog has wounds that are not healing, then that might cause cancer. If you notice that your dog have sores or wounds that are not healing then it might cause cancer. The wounds can be as a result of an injury while playing or injured by another person. That’s something that should not last for long without healing. But you find that instead of wound healing it is increasing. If the wounds are not healing even after the medicines ensure that you seek advice from a good doctor. However it is good to be cautious whenever you find your dog has open wounds that you don’t know about.

Your dog might in the risk of infecting cancer if it has lost its weigh or unexpectedly gained more weight. Normal weight change in your dog cannot cancer you in any way. If you dog become fat after few days or it losses weight greatly that means that there is something wrong with your dog. Your dog can lose weight due to tumors that are making the dog to grow big or to lose weight. There are certain weight changes in your dog that cannot be caused by poor diet or minor injuries. In that case, if you find that you dong has such great weight changes you need to seek medical attention.

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