We just want to highlight a few details. Of course, the width and depth of the seat is important, depending on the person's character, but perhaps more importantly the backrest. If the seat does not need to be adjustable in terms of inclination, then the backrest should always be adjusted to the optimum inclination, distance, height, especially where in one workplace we assume the alternation of several persons. There are also headrests on some chairs and all seats. The armrests require someone, on the contrary, completely rejects. If the office chair also has armrests, it is advisable that they can be adjusted to the optimum position. It means height and preferably in the forward direction. There are also those where the armrests can be adjusted to the sides.
Tweaks at all not useless
A useful function is the adjustment of the backrest in the lumbar spine. This is the most delicate part of the human back, so some models also have a adjustable backrest of the lumbar part, which is usually integrated in the backrest and the adjusting device can be used to modulate or change the stiffness of the backrest.